Thermite Fire Starter


  • 2 inch fuse gives 4-5 second delay after lighting
  • 3 oz of casted thermite in a snap-top container that produces about 2 ounces of molten iron
  • 30 seconds second burn time at 5,000 F

Shipping is expensive if only buying 1 fire starter. Order larger quantities greatly reduce the cost of shipping.

This is a must have for any survivalist or camper who needs a sure way to start a fire. Just place in the thermite fire starter on your kindling, light the fuse, and step back. This can be lit with a regular lighter or match. Store in a cool dry place away from heat sources or sparks.

These new emergency fire starters are designed for extreme situations, such as deep snow or heavy wet rainy conditions. Match or lighter ignited. Safe and the most effective fire starter ever created. During survival situation the ability to construct a fire can make the difference between living and dying. The ability to start a fire is the number one survival skill you can have, without which you will likely be in serious trouble during an emergency survival or disaster situation. None of the current available fire starters on the market work in deep snow or extreme wet conditions were you would need them most. The ability to start an emergency fire is a true test for any seasoned camper. In survival situations, this skill is even more critical. Rarely is a fire started by simply putting a flaming match to wood. Rainy weather, green wood, blustering wind and bitter cold can make starting a fire and keeping it lit challenging. When you want a good fire and you want it now, thermite fire starters can be your salvation. Even under the most adverse outdoor conditions, pouring rain or 3 feet of snow on soaking wet hardwood is no match for thermite. One match and you have 4,500 F of melted iron. Each 3 ounce thermite fire starter burns for about 20 seconds leaving behind 2.7 ounces white hot 4,500 F melted iron that remains white hot for minuets after and remains red hot long after that to get even the wettest wood burning.


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